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Great Huts Resort

Great Huts and its African dwellings and treehouses, set in a jungle landscape perched on cliffs that overlook Boston Bay and the Caribbean, were voted the best environment of any small Jamaican resort by the London Observer in 2003. Travelers of independent mind, nature lovers, romantics and artists find warmth, authenticity and comfort here. Overnight accommodations include a full breakfast and daily housekeeping. Lunch and dinner are served on our dining deck, Cliffside dining area or bay front lounge and are reasonably priced. If you're concerned about losing touch with reality, the NY Times, cable television (in the reception lounge), free wireless Internet, and international cell access are available for guests to use at their leisure. Add to this an extensive book and film library, access to natural healing practitioners, expert guided tours of our grounds and Jamaica's nearby natural splendors, and you have a "one size fits all" retreat that will entice you to extend your stay. Finally, we present an African cultural showcase of drumming, music and dance every Saturday evening that makes it abundantly clear why African traditions and folkways are at the heart of what we do, and why Jamaica is our home.

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