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Little Hobby Hut Safari & Fish Farm

Little's Hobby Hut Safari and Fish Farm is a recreational fishing facility that has been in existence since 1997. Little's Hobby Hut is the only farm in Jamaica that rears saltwater tilapia as well as a variety of other species such as snook and tarpon. There is a void in the supply of fresh fish on the market due to the high pressure on the coastal resources and unsustainable fishing practices. Our saltwater Tilapia is a delicious alternative to "sea" fish and as such tries to fill this void. Little's Hobby Hut teaches patrons to fish and prepares the catch at the onsite restaurant. We use the natural resources to provide entertainment and a relaxing, safe environment, we teach people how to fish which is a necessary life skill, we provide enjoyable outdoor dining experience and promote agro tourism through educational tours on farm activities and agriculture. As such, through our initiatives, we promote fisheries conservation through inland fisheries and aquaculture. Services Natures Attraction Dinning services Fishing Activities Restaurant (Roast Fish, curry fish, Fry Fish, steamed Fish and festival) Adventure tours Farm Tours Onsight seeing Children activities

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