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Gulfstream Petroleum SRL

The first Texaco station was opened in 1919, with offices situated in Lyons Wharf, which is now known as Downtown Kingston. The brand was acquired in 2012 by GB Energy, a regional group, and the brand now operates under the company name Gulfstream Petroleum SRL, with its head office located in the heart of New Kingston, on Barbados Avenue. Today we supply 72 service stations across the island, and have significantly increased the number of industrial accounts, as well as our market share in Aviation fueling supply. Overall, Texaco has expanded its services to customers through our five areas of focus: aviation, retail, consumer, LPG, and lubricants. All grades of our gasoline products at our service stations are sold with the powerful Texaco with Techron gasoline additive. This proprietary deposit control additive technology is based on more than 30 years of product research and development. Texaco with Techron helps keep critical engine parts ? like intake valves, fuel injectors and combustion chambers ? clean. A cleaner engine can have lower emissions, increased performance, and help maximize fuel economy. With a committed team of dedicated and passionate employees, GB Energy, through the Texaco brand, is looking to be the "Partner of Choice" in energy solutions for industries and individuals alike through its network of service stations, consumer and industrial accounts, aviation fueling facilities, marine bunker options and LPG supply. Reliability, efficiency, competitive pricing and cost saving solutions are at the core of our beliefs.

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