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The 10 Most Affordable Car Mechanics in Kingston

The 10 Most Affordable Car Mechanics in Kingston photo jamaica

Why pay more when you can pay less? Oftentimes, we do just that because of lack of information.

Why pay more when you can pay less? Oftentimes, we do just that because of lack of information. With the 10 cheapest service stations and mechanics in Kingston at your fingertips, you get to save money the next time you need to fill up. And we know how important that is, 'cause we're drivers too.


1. Total, Marcus Garvey Dr

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Friendly customer service

Total has a network of about 57 service stations across the island. A company of  French origin, they took over from Esso when that company closed up shop. They offer a wide range of petrochemicals such as fuels, automotive lubricants, aviation and additives and special fuels.

Open: Sun - Sat: 6am  to 8pm

Address: 77 Marcus Garvey Dr, Kgn
Website: www.total.com.jm/ 
Phone:  (876) 366 9635


2. Unipet Lyndhurst Rd

engine oil
Pouring in coolant

Unipet asserts that they are a full service station through their ad which says: Hungry? Low on fuel? Dead battery? Simply stop by one of our service stations. Their products include E10-87 and E10-90, automotive diesel and ultra-low sulphur diesel(ULSD).

Address: 46 Lyndhurst Rd, Kgn 5
Website: http://www.unipetja.com/
Phone:   (876) 960 6531


3. Unipet Slipe Rd

car battery 
Battery check

United Petroleum (Ja.) Ltd. is among one of the first indigenous petroleum marketing companies in Jamaica.In addition to the regular products, services such as battery and engine check and wind screen cleaning may be had at any Unipet station.

Address: 14 Slipe Road, Kingston 5
Website: http://www.unipetja.com/
Phone:   (876) 929 9040


4. Epping Kew Rd

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An Epping Service Station

Epping Oil Co Ltd and its affiliate company Epping Retail Ltd operate approximately 17 service stations across the island. These are a mix of dealer operated and Epping operated stations. This Kew Road outlet, known as Mars Epping, therefore dealer operated, has made it to number 4 on this list. One reviewer sums it up nicely: Reasonable prices. My go to gas station. Love the hands-on treatment of the station manager.

Open: Mon - Fri: 7am to 8pm; Sat: 7am to 7pm; Sun: Closed

Address: 22 Kew Rd, Kgn
Website: https://www.findyello.com/jamaica/epping-oil-co-ltd/profile
Phone:  (876) 926 1097


5. Total Heroes Circle

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One of Total's Service Stations

Total Jamaica was established in 2004.It is a French company and they claim that this provides the company with shared access to internationally recognised best practices, technological expertise and innovation drawn from more than 95,000 employees worldwide. Many positive reviews, we quote one: Decent comparable prices. Long wait because of the lower prices. Customer service is decent enough as well.

Open: Sun - Sat: 6am to 9pm.

Address:  11 Heroes Circle, Kingston
Website: http://www.total.com.jm/
Phone:   (876) 922 4917


6. Cool Oasis East Street

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Cool customer service

Cool Oasis started in 1995, and since its acquisition of the Shell Service Stations, it has become the largest fuel distributor in Jamaica. There vibrant colours and well landscaped grounds, make them a hit. This outlet trades as Michael’s Service Station and has made this list on account of its competitive prices.

Address: 157 East Street, Kgn
Website: https://www.coolcorp.com/company/cool-oasis/
Phone:   (876) 922 7714


7. Total Spanish Town Rd

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Fill me up

This Total station has gotten some positive reviews as well. As indicated earlier, given that they are an international company, they have a larger pool of best practices to draw from. According to one satisfied customer: You can fill your tank and have a snack or something to drink or use the rest room.

Open: Sun - Sat: 6am to 10pm

Address: 250 Spanish Town Rd, Kgn
Website: http://www.total.com.jm/
Phone:  (876) 457 9985


8. Rubis Waterlane

Gore Terrace Road Show
How you wish they were staff

Rubis operates about 50 outlets across Jamaica,serving retail, commercial and industrial customers alike. It too is an international company and this is its only listing in this top ten. Read the words of this reviewer: Should you encounter a punctured tyre and need a quick patch, this gas station located off Marcus Garvey Drive is quite convenient and offers such service.

Address: 1 Waterlane, Kingston
Website: https://www.rubisenergyjamaica.com/
Phone:  (876) 922 5159


9. Total Harbour View Shopping Ctr

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A service station with the popular bonjour in the background

Total stations have made this list more often than any other distributor. So, maybe they were right about the advantage of having direct access to international best practices, not just in technology, but customer service as well.

Open 24 hrs

Address: Fort Nugent Dr, Harbour View Shopping Center
Website:  http://www.total.com.jm/
Phone:    (876) 938 6300


10. Cool Oasis Victoria Avenue

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A cool lucky customer

Cool Oasis on Victoria Avenue closes out the top ten, and it’t Cool’s second time in this select group. This outlet also operates as Michael’s Service Station, so it seems there is a formula here.

Address: 23 Victoria Ave, Kgn
Website:  https://www.coolcorp.com/company/cool-oasis/
Phone:    (876) 922 7714