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Oliver W Llewellyn

Oliver W. Llewellyn's legal practice has focused predominantly on divorce matters for over 20 years. He has developed skills in the area of divorce that significantly reduce the risk of requisitions being placed on his divorce documents filed at the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court in Jamaica will put a requisition on a divorce document that is filed in the Court by an Attorney-at-Law if the document is not in order. This can lead to a delay in the divorce being granted and is one of the factors that leads to a backlog of divorce cases at the Supreme Court in Jamaica. The cost of a divorce in Jamaica varies. It may be expensive, or it may be cheap. It depends on the lawyer that deals with the matter. The client usually shops around to find out the cost that each lawyer charges, but it should be noted that it would be in a client's best interest to find out the experience and reputation of lawyers in the area of divorce. Clients are usually concerned about the length of time that the divorce process takes. Based on experience, a quick or speedy divorce can take approximately four (4) months if there is no relevant child/children, and the divorce is not contested.

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