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Accountant General's Department

The Accountant General is appointed by the Governor General on advice of the Public Services Commission under section 15 of the Financial Administration& Audit Act (FAA Act). The Accountant Generals Department (AGD) is an operational Department within the Ministry of Finance & Planning and is charged with facilitating and reporting of the flow of funds within the public sector. Our Main Roles and Functions Responsibility for the management and custodianship of the Consolidated Fund which is the principal instrument of parliamentary control of public monies. This includes (but not limited to) the responsibility for the collection, safekeeping and proper disbursements of all monies due to and payable from the Consolidated Fund. Management of the Centralized Treasury, whereby all payments to all suppliers for goods and services are executed on behalf of the ministries, departments and agencies. Responsibility for the custodianship of all Government properties excluding lands under the Crown Properties (vesting) Act. The Accountant General can dispose of these properties only under the written authority of the Minister of Finance. Provide advice and technical support to the Financial Secretary and the Minister of Finance. Ensure that Government debts are serviced timely. Represent the Government as shareholder in companies in which the Government holds shares. These shares are issued in the name of the Accountant General under the Crown Properties (vesting) Act. Collection of certain revenues as a Principal receiver of revenue, having been so appointed by the Minister of Finance under section 16 of the Financial Administration and Audit Act. Ensure the effective administration of expenditure in respect of those services which by law are directly charged from the Consolidated Fund (Statutory Expenditure). In collaboration with the Ministry of Finance, develop, implement and constantly review the management and accounting of the public debt. Management of Treasury Deposits. Disbursements from and management of loans and advances to Government employees. Custodianship of the Contingencies Fund. Payroll Administration for Forty Thousand Government Pensioners and Thirteen Ministries and Departments.

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