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Administrator-General's Department

The Administrator-General's Department (AGD) was created in 1873 and continues to provide vital services to the public. The AGD protects the interests of minors, beneficiaries, and creditors of the estates that the law requires the Administrator-General to administer. The primary function of the Administrator-General is to administer the assets of intestate estates. The AG acts where the whereabouts of beneficiaries are unknown and where a person dies without leaving a will and a minor is entitled to a share of the estate of the deceased. Additionally, the AG acts where a person dies without leaving a will and his/her estate consists solely of personally valued less than $100,000. The AG also acts where a court order has been issued mandating that the Administrator-General extracts a Grant of Administration. The services offered by the AGD include motor vehicle transfer, funeral expense advance, investment of estate funds, property sale, property rental and property management. For a full breakdown of the role and function of the Administrator-General's Department, visit their website.

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