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Insight Optical

24 HOUR DELIVERY TIME OF GLASSES! We began operations 2014 as Jamaicas single digital lens manufacturing lab. Along with us, our wholesale customers are the only optical suppliers that can supply glasses in 24 hours. Conveniently located in Village Plaza, Constant Spring we are accessible by almost anyone in the Kingston area or traveling there. Excellent Customer service, affordable prices and excellent quality frames are just some of the benefits we add to getting your glasses in hand within 24 Hours. Digital Lenses (newest technology) are offered instead of surfaced lenses(previous optical technology) resulting in eyes feeling less fatigue, decrease in the amount of disadvantages of wearing optical goods. Anti reflective treatments, blue light coating are some of the innovative goods supplied by us, and along with our wholesale customers are the only suppliers of these manufactured lenses locally. We look forward to serving you !! Visit us on facebook at Insight Optical Jamaica @insightopticalja or our Instagram page at insightopticaljm_24hr_srvc

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