#food · 1 year ago

What is your ideal Jamaican dinner feast composed of?


Soups: mannish water, janga, fishMeats: jerk pork, escoveitch fish, broiled lobster, curry goat(cooked by a dead yaad/nine night cook..because…they’re the bestest), ackee and janga,, fried spratSalad..because I’m addicted to lettuce and rice could become extinct for all I careBeverages: ginger wine, lemonade with limes or Seville orange, rum punchSides: fried bammy(not oily)


Lemme get stush for a minute since y’all all posted my faves already. Set me up on a beach with a freshly caught lobster, spilt and grilled on the beach. Then add some freshly fried festival, a bammy, and Red Stripe, a Dragon Stout, or a Ting, and I’m in heaven!!!

But on the real when my grams has a party for everyone in the family it’s escovitch, cow foot, oxtails and butter beans, smoked turkey or ham, macaroni pie, rice and peas, another pot with rice with gungo peas, salad, a juice or punch to be laced with Overproof white for the adults, and then black cake, sweet potato pone, or gizzadas and grater cakes for dessert. Straight heaven! And how could I forget the curry goat and mannish water. Although I also love a good cow cod soup, too. And the pot of ground provisions, especially green bananas. We save fried plantains for breakfast mostly, but add them to the feast too.