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The Best School Uniform Stores in Kingston, Jamaica

The Best School Uniform Stores in Kingston, Jamaica photo jamaica

To obtain proper school uniforms can be very challenging at times, therefore we have prepared a list below of the best uniform stores in Kingston in order to make your life much easier. 

D&M Uniforms Ltd

D&M Uniforms Ltd is a well known garment company that supplies high quality uniforms to various organizations such as hotels, schools, security firms and banks. Located in Downtown Kingdom, this too uniform store offers pre and post services such as consultation, sourcing of necessary fabric, conducting measurements and also offering adjustments to uniforms. Take advantage of the wonderful services they have to offer. 

Contact Information:

Number: 8769488183

Location: 38 Victoria Avenue Kingston CSO


Ultimate Visions

Are you looking for massive discounts on uniforms? Look no further because Ultimate Visions is here for you. Being a market leader in the design and supply of textiles in Kingston, Jamaica, Ultimate Visions provides industrial, commercial, hospitality and school uniforms. Their customer service is second to none. With their team of highly trained consultants and specialists, Ultimate Visions ensures optimum results. Check them out for cost efficiency, quality control and timely delivery. 

Contact Information:

Number: 8769691777

Location: 8 Shortwood Rd Kingston 


The Uniform Centre

There are quite a lot of people out there that are seeking an experienced organization to make uniforms for them or their children. Pay a visit to the Uniform Centre in Kingston. They are a highly experienced family owned company that has been manufacturing uniforms since 1967. The Uniform Centre is very familiar with making school uniforms in Kingston as they have been the uniform suppliers for major high schools in Jamaica and the Caribbean. They are ready to help with all your uniform needs. 

Contact Information:

Number: 8766227690

Location: 3 Torrington Avenue Kingston 


Laura Lou Enterprise Ltd

Laura Lou Enterprise Ltd is one of the leading garment manufacturing companies in Kingston Jamaica. Their mission is to provide customers with the highest quality products at competitive prices. Laura Lou Enterprise Ltd provides uniforms to various preparatory schools, high schools and universities. The goal of this well established company is to constantly review and improve technology and practices in order to increase the satisfaction of their valued customers. Come and be a part of their family today. 

Contact Information:

Number: 8765042278/8769255358

Location: 32 Cassia Park Rd Kingston 


Fifth Avenue Traders

Back to school rush can be so hectic at times. If parents are not careful it can surprise them each year. But don’t be alarmed this coming back to school as Fifth Avenue Traders will  help you to prepare well in advance. They serve the needs of their customers by manufacturing school uniforms, industrial garments and dress shirts. Fifth Avenue Traders come highly recommended as one of the best uniform stores in Kingston. Get the best prices in quality products and enjoy a great relationship with Fifth Avenue Traders.

Contact Information: 

Number: 8769222144

Location: 149 King Street Kingston 


E.G Clothing Ltd

Do you need well made uniforms? Are you looking for an excellent company that gives you great quality in all your uniform and printing needs? E.G Clothing Ltd is just the place for you. They sell wholesale khaki uniforms to clothing distributors and the industrial trade.  E.G Clothing Ltd is a renowned uniform store on Orange Street in Kingston . Shop in store today for the most discounted school uniforms. 

Contact Information:

Number: 8769060608

Location: 4 Richmond Park Avenue Kingston 


Prestige Manufacturing Company Ltd

Prestige Manufacturing Company Ltd is a professionally engineered apparel company located in Kingston. They are the suppliers of superior quality, durable and affordable apparel. Prestige Manufacturing Company Ltd views customer service as the most important aspect of their business this you can be assured that your experience will be personalized before and after each contact with their sales and production team. They supply various types of uniforms for schools, kids career as well as school sport gears. Check them out and you won’t be disappointed. 

Contact Information:

Number: 8767541886

Location: 10 Omara Crescent Kingston 


LP Azar Ltd

If you are looking for a solution to all your uniform problems, visits LP Azar Ltd in Kingston, Jamaica. They offer a variety of distinctive styles for shirts and uniforms. These uniforms include nursing uniforms for university students, scrubs, lab coats, chef uniforms and security guard uniforms. LP Azar Ltd fosters a welcoming environment where excellent service is guaranteed. They provide in store shopping and pickup and they also deliver to your location. 

Contact Information:

Number: 8769266525

Location: 5 Marescaux Rd Kingston 


Maxie  Department Stores

One of the very best uniform stores in Kingston is Maxie Department Store. They are well known to provide khakis for boys and white uniform blouses for girls in and around Kingston. Their prices are extraordinary and pretty much unbeatable. The sales assistants have extremely sound knowledge of quality fabric and sizes. Maxie Department Store is definitely where you get the best deals and more. 

Contact Information:

Number: 8769061939

Location: The Springs Plaza, 19 Constant Spring Rd Kingston 


Bashco Trading Company Ltd

Bashco Trading Company Ltd is one of the leading manufacturing company located in Kingston. They also have a branch or two in almost every parish in Jamaica. Bashco Trading Company Ltd sells school uniforms including khakis, school socks, uniform shirts and so much more. They are a store with strong market presence, low prices and vast product offering. Feel free to come and experience complete satisfaction with your purchase at Bashco Trading Company Ltd. 

Contact Information:

Number: 8769670115

21 Orange Street Downtown Kingston