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The 10 Best Health Food Stores in Kingston, Jamaica

The 10 Best Health Food Stores in Kingston, Jamaica photo jamaica

Kingston Jamaica has a vast array of health food stores for us Jamaicans that enjoy healthy living or wants to start that journey. If you want to walk that path, here is a list of the best health food stores in Kingston, Jamaica. 

Natural Choice Health Food Store

Do you want to live healthy but you believe that it’s costly? Visit Natural Choice Health Food Store for healthy living the affordable way. They offer a wide variety of health food products, vitamins and minerals, supplements as well as herbs. If you are in Kingston and you need a healthy drink on the go, then stop at their juice and salad bar that has a wide range of offerings. 

Contact Information:

Number: 8768699355

Location: Shop #2 57A Molynes Rd Kingston 


Maranatha Health Food Store

Maranatha Health Food Store is a genuine health food store located in Kingston that specializes in muscle fitness and health. The food sold there is healthily cooked and had a great taste. Along with their carefully cooked food and healthy products, you can receive free counsel on natural remedies. Pop in at Maranatha Health Food Store and you won’t be disappointed. 

Contact Information:

Number: 8767796759

Location: Shop #11 , 21-23 Holburn Rd Kingston 


Green Hills Natural Foods

If you are searching for a healthy food store in Kingston that comes highly recommended then Green Hills Natural Foods store is one of the best. Their staff is very friendly and treats customers in a pleasant and  professional manner. They have excellent products and extremely reasonable prices. Also, feel free to partake in Green Hills Natural Foods well thought out organic menu options. 

Contact Information:

Number: 8769788285

Location: Shop#7, 106 Hope Road, Kingston 


Natural Health

Natural Health is a healthy food store that supplies health and diet food products. Within this store, you can shop for your personal use or you can purchase in bulk for other purposes such as reselling these products. Natural Health ensures that it satisfies all your fitness and wellness lifestyle needs. They stock products such as natural and organic food produce, nutritional supplements, herbal supplements, nuts and dried fruits as well as beans and peas. 

Contact Information:

Number: 8769771192

Location: 18 Barbican Rd Kingston 


The Life Store Wellness Boutique 

For a place for holistic living, visit the Life Store Wellness Boutique located in Kingston where you will find welcoming staff. This health food store gives you easy access to all the elements you need to be the healthiest you can possibly be. The Life Store Wellness Boutique has a wide range of organic and top quality brand products to assist you on your journey. Also, you can rest easy in knowing that every item they stock has been carefully curated.

Contact Information: 

Number: 8768633094

Location: Shop#22 , 8 Constant Spring Rd Kingston


Proactive Lifestyle Ltd

Proactive Lifestyle Ltd is one of the best health food stores in Kingston to purchase your healthy products. They stock items for children and adults thus every member of your family can join the road to a healthier life. Proactive Lifestyle Ltd sells products that is inclusive of vitamin supplements as well as healthy juices and snacks. Their services include the provision of natural remedies, food detox (ionic cleanse), and free health check. 

Contact Information:

Number: 8767543415

Location: Shop#2 Tropical Plaza Constant Spring Rd Kingston 


Family Joy Healthy Alternatives 

Are you vegan? Are you from Kingston or a nearby parish? Do you have difficulty finding vegan food stores? Message Family Joy Healthy Alternatives on Facebook. They are an online based health food store that specializes in nuts of all kinds and spices. They offer curbside pickup and delivery to your desired location. At Family Joy Healthy Alternatives you can indulge in all vegan foods and products such as a variety of beans, grains and spices. 

Contact Information:

Number: 8764277118

Location: Vineyard Town Kingston 


Clamars Holistic Health Centre 

Clamars Holistic Health Centre is a prominent health food store in Kingston. Their aim is to promote health and wellness through diet and nutrition. They bring to the Jamaican market the highest quality of unsulphured products. Clamars Holistic Health Centre retails most of their products, however bulk purchases can be made for her as and spices they accept cash as well as Visa card payments and they offer free advice and free delivery, with conditions. Utilize in store shopping and pickup options and also wheelchair accessible entrance. 

Contact Information:

Number: 8769603447

Location: 38 Constant Spring Rd Kingston 


High Vibes Nutrition

Located at 15a Parkington Plaza Kingston is a health food store that bolsters a judgement free environment to customers and consumers. This health food store is called High Vibes Nutrition and they serve awesome treats such as energizing teas and delicious healthy smoothies. Visit their affordable smoothie and juice bar and share your experience with others. 

Contact Information:

Number: 8769067605

Location: 15a Parkington Plaza , Off Halfway Tree Rd Kingston 


Healthy Food Store and More 

Healthy Food Store and More is a health food store based in Kingston that helps customers with their quest for both healthy eating and healthy living. They have a clean and welcoming surrounding for customers’ comfort. Their prices are most reasonable and among the very best. Healthy Food Store and More is one of the leading health food stores to get your healthy shopping on. Interested? Then you better check them out!

Contact Information:

Number: 8769272121

Location: 121 Old Hope Rd Kingston