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Most Reliable and Fastest ISP in St. Ann, Jamaica?

Wah gwaan, jamrock family I'm looking to setup internet service in St. Ann at my residence, and I wanted to seek your opinions and advice on what is the fastest, most reliable ISP on the island. I know Digicel is supposed to be quite reliable based on research and my experience in Kingston, but I want some anecdotal evidence from those who have actual used other providers. Any recommendations, insight, or links would be greatly helpful. Which one's the best in your opinion? Bless up!


AFAIK Flow is the only option for St. Ann. I waited almost two months for new installation from them and contacted Digicel begging for service, they informed me they’re not currently offering service here, at least not where I am.

Flow service is horrendous, the stock modem is from 1845 and customer service is on par with speaking to a pile of stone.

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Agreeing with an above comment. I’m in St. Ann so FLOW provides my broadband and their service is terrible. I pay for 25 download speed lucky if I get 8 and theres constant billing issues as they’re always trying to double charge me.


Rough. idk if things have changed down that side but deeeeeeep rural st andrew, im talking bush where max speeds were 20mb down and 1mb up.. i’m now getting 100mb/s down & up.

Obviously fiber to home & no longer DSL. I know they’ve been upgrading their equipment since convid, so try again. Their fiber cables have a yellow tag with the word fiber written on it.