#finance · 5 months ago

What’s a reliable Money Transferring App where I can send money to Jamaica, from the USA?

mailing to ja is such a hassle, they’ve lost my package 3 times aready so i’d hope sending money would be easier ??


most of the ones you know don’t work in JA.. paypal, venmo, cash app, apple pay, google pay, etc.

the banking there is not great and it doesn’t help much of the tele scams originate from ja…

so i use moneygram and the recipient picked up at a pickup location. most of my friends don’t have a bank account or a credit or debit card so that also limits things to the moneygrams and western unions of the world.


Since the covid19 more the half the adult population are now have online banking.There us a new app name lynk that is legal.I assumed that whomever you are sending money to is already have a smartphone.Encourage them to install the app and use it as a wallet.Then you cab also install that app and send the money via that method.No bank account, no scams.


the other option is to email them an amazon digital gift card.they can then order what they want.there are services on the island that freight forward from a state site address…. so they ship the amazon to a central distortion in florida somewhere, and then it’s couriered to ja.

like this company SSMC https://xpress-intl.com/


yea i initially tried through amazon except i bought it w my own card but i used an address that was given to have it taken to a warehouse in florida and then shipped to ja but it got lost

do u think that same thing will happen if give him a gift card ? i’m also worried because he claims st.catherine doesn’t have amazon directly deliver to their home so would he need to pick it up from somewhere ?

thank u for the website !! i think i see it ships from my area so that’s convenient, i’ll look into it more


This wont work the way how you’re saying it.

Sure you can transfer crypto to the exchange but the recipient would have to have their own account setup and linked their cex.io account with the bank.

They cant deposit to a local account, you (the recipient) can however withdraw to your local account assuming youve completed all the verification.


Don’t need them to. Once the bank in Jamaica receives a USD transfer it automatically converts the funds to JMD, so wise supporting JMD is unnecessary for this purpose.

It would still be very nice for them to support JMD for other reasons, but funds can still be sent to Jamaica perfectly fine.

The main difference between this method (Wise) and MoneyGram is that with wise the recipient would handle more of the transfer cost burden and banks would subtract the transfer cost from the funds received (international wire transfer). The sender pays comparatively fewer fees through wise (single digits USD compared to 20usd for the receiving bank). For this reason the funds that will be removed by the receiving bank in Jamaica would need to be factored in when sending funds.

Separate from this scenario, it is also possible for someone to send themselves money through wise, for example funds received through PayPal can be transferred to their wise account and sent to Jamaica.


Hi, I have a couple of recommendations:

  1. It is best to use a courier service to mail items to Jamaica. These services like MailPac’s https://aeropost.com/site/en?gtw=KIN or Ship me https://www.shipme.me/ allow us to sign up for U.S mailing addresses where we can have an item delivered to said address then to Jamaica.
  2. A new startup allows those in the diaspora to buy groceries for Jamaicans back home: https://jamaica-gleaner.com/article/news/20220910/grocerylist-ja-allows-ease-local-shopping-and-delivery-diaspora
  3. Lynk plans to launch a remittance service soon: https://www.jamaicaobserver.com/business/remittance-lynk/