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How hard am I getting swindled at the beach?

I can apreciate a good hustle, I even enjoy it, do it all the time as an artist. But even my white tourist ass knows 20usd for sugar cane and keneppe is way too much. So how hard are beach vendors usually upcharging, should I start negotiating at half price? Ps: I dont mind paying a little extra for things, this is how these people make a living and i respect that


I just paid J$150 for a bag of cane in New Kingston that was delivered to my office. Adjusted for the increase in prices, that bag would be J$200 at best. That’s less than US$2 a bag.

I’m assuming you mean guinep, the price shouldn’t be much different than what I paid for cane.

They’re outrageous.

I wouldn’t negotiate with these folks because I wouldn’t support their business. Their approach is downright unethical.


I was in another country recently, and I wanted to buy something from a craft market. The first price she said was 10x what I was getting asked for near enough the same item 2 doors down.I just had to look at her and walk off. There’s trying it on and there’s taking the piss.


I’ve bought an entire lobster on the beach for J$2000 (a bit less than 20 US.) Someone made a steep profit off of you.

If you want to try haggling, start low and see what you can get. If you go too low, the vendor will leave and you can try again with the next guy. Don’t worry, the vendors will make sure they turn a profit. You should be able to get 3 or 4 bags of fruit for J$500. If you feel like you’re taking advantage, you can always throw in a tip after the transaction, plus tipping someone who gives a fair price will get them to keep coming back to you with fair prices throughout your visit.


You are paying over ten times the amount for that bag of cane. It’s not just on the beach anywhere on the island. Remember stopping to buy jelly on the road and being told almost three times the actual price started. When I started walking, they tried to sell me for the right price. I continue walking; they are not getting my money. This was not in the tourist area, and I am an average-looking Jamaica driving a decent car.


Some of these hustlers are thieving and shameless. They are whom soon become parasitic extortionists.The Authorities need to rid the beaches and other places of entertainment and relaxation of these nuisances


Just pay it. Jamaica is a poor country without good health, education or safety.

The least you could do is help every Jamaican save up enough to go to a better place that takes care of their citizens.