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Jaguar Land Rover

Two of the world's most influential and prestigious automotive marques, Jaguar and Land-Rover, have had a long and complex history dating back to as early as the 1960's under the now defunct British Leyland conglomerate. Later being acquired by different companies, the two brands once again went their separate ways and became independent of each other for nearly 3 decades to come. As fate would have it, the two marques yet again shared the same podium under Ford's directorship. Though this was short-lived, their partnership wasn't. By 2008, the cards were shuffled once more and the future of both brands lay in the hands of Indian locomotive and engineering company, Tata Motors. Through this acquisition, Jaguar and Land-Rover underwent an inevitable merger, thus giving birth to a new legacy in the automotive industry: Jaguar Land Rover. In 2015, Stewart's Automotive Group acquired the Jaguar Land Rover brand, thereby establishing Stewart Auto Gallery and adding another premium luxury marque to its portfolio. An authorized dealer for both Jaguar and Land Rover units, we have fashioned a world class showroom that serves to underscore the magnificence of our impressive collection. With a number of carefully selected models from both lines, we continue to fuel the drive for luxury vehicles in the Jamaican automotive market. Life is too short to settle. Choose luxury… Choose Jaguar Land Rover.

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