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Land Rover

1947…a Welsh beach…one simple sketch in the sand: This was the beginning of a legacy. First manufactured by Rover Company Limited, the Land-Rover marque was one of the first four-wheel drive vehicles in the history of the automotive industry. Characterized by its robust build and adventurous spirit, these revolutionary vehicles went on to become Rover's most popular and successful product and by 1978, Land-Rover became a separate brand in its own right. As the next three decades elapsed, the dedication, hard work and innovation on which the brand was built, withstood various shifts in hands. From BMW to Ford, the brand was finally acquired by Tata Motors in 2008 along with the equally prestigious Jaguar brand. This led to the merger of both marques and on the 18th of January, 2008 a new legacy, Jaguar Land Rover, was born. A master of diverse terrain and a seasoned navigator of uncharted territories, Land-Rover has captured hearts in all regions of the globe. Jamaica, too, has been smitten by the charm of these remarkable vehicles and as demand continues to grow, the need for a reputable dealer has become greater than ever. Stewart's Automotive Group, one of the island's most well renowned automotive retailers, acquired the dealership rights for the Jaguar Land Rover brand in 2015, thereby establishing Stewart Auto Gallery and adding another premium luxury marque to the Group's portfolio. With units made for agility, flexibility and sustained durability, we build vehicles that inspire total confidence for the adventurer and pragmatist alike. At the intersection of tradition, technology, capability and thrill, is the core of the Land-Rover brand. Whether rugged mountain paths or sweeping plains, only Land-Rover will take you "Above and Beyond".

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