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Burton Steer Energy Solutions

Burton Steer Energy Solutions is a full-service air conditioner and solar company located at Suite #6 Catherine Hall Plaza, Montego Bay. We specialise in the sale, installation and service of solar systems, water heaters and air conditioners and we boast 10 years' experience in the industry. To satisfy our customers growing demand for renewable energy solutions we launched our 'SunPlant Solar Systems' two years ago. These modular all-in-one solar systems are designed to make it easier for our customers to purchase and fit solar systems on their premises. These systems have fewer moving parts than traditional solar systems but are far more efficient and cost effective. They are modular in that you can purchase a starter package and later expand the system to suit your needs. The systems are built using the most modern and cutting-edge equipment, they feature online monitoring capabilities, and are supported by our warranty programme. We currently carry four designs, all of which are built with hybrid inverters and lithium ferro phosphate batteries. Residential: - SunPlant 4.5 has an optimum monthly Kw output of 600kWh/M. - SunPlant 8.1 has an optimum monthly Kilo Watt output of 1200kWh/M. Residential or small commercial: - Sol-ark SunPlant 12.2 has an optimum monthly Kw output of 2000kWh/M. - Sol-ark SunPlant 16.2 has an optimum monthly Kw output of 2400kWh/M. We offer free consultations and site visits in western Jamaica. Burton Steer Energy Solutions is also a full-service Windy dealership that stocks all the various size residential and commercial air conditioner units and a variety of standing and ceiling fans, water pumps and accessories. Call us to learn more about our solar power systems.