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Sealand Foods International Co Ltd

Headquartered in Crawford, St. Elizabeth, Jamaica, Sealand Foods International Company Limited is the complete source for seafood, meat and dry goods resource. Since 2003, Sealand Foods has been synonymous with quality, efficiency, innovation, and customer service. We believe in the strength of having products adhering to international standards, while making a difference to our customers with assured quality and consistency. Our quality products and first-class service builds customer loyalty and trust, which are essential to our business growth and prosperity. We currently supply over 200 major hotels, supermarkets, schools, jerk centers and restaurants Island-wide. Originally founded as a one-man operation more than 10 years ago by Christopher Lewis, Sealand Foods has grown since inception, employing more than 25 people, and was later joined by a Board of Directors. Sealand Foods is guided by philosophies and a mission statement, which has formed the impetus of growth for their business. Our management is comprised of disciplined and experienced professionals and is further backed by food service executives from diverse backgrounds. Since we focus 100% of our energy on seafood and meats, we have always exceeded the expectations of our customers in delivering the promise of perpetuity. At Sealand Foods, we strive to be profitable by providing our customers with quality products, timely deliveries and competitive pricing though a service posture of continuity and uncompromising integrity. Excellence is paramount to growth and this embodies our reason for being in business.

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