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Coffee Express Ja Ltd

Specialise in dispensing beverage selections from a system, the excellent tool for preparing at the touch of a button a creamy and foamy choice of Nescafe specialties. Nescafe vending provides value added products, precise and consistent product dosage for all cups, effective cost control with exact product dosage. It is also a time saver (preparation time 10 to 15 seconds per cup) and a hygienic factor- the machine has its own internal cleaning mechanism. The Technical Service Provider Coffee Express Jamaica Limited will: Install all machines Free of Cost Service machines (and are on call for any technical issues) Train staff in the simple daily flushing of the machines Deliver all orders on the specified delivery date. There is no rental or lease charge for the machine. Our customers are only required to purchase products. Customers are requested to purchase the initial order on COD after which a credit term will be extended by Coffee Express Jamaica. Customers will also be asked to sign a contract for the placement of machines at their locations with the Coffee Express representative.

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