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Factories Corp Of Ja Ltd

The Factories Corporation of Jamaica Ltd (FCJ) was incorporated in 1987 to implement the government's Emergency Factory Building Programme. Under this programme, approximately 92,903 square miles of factory space was built. With the phasing out of the Jamaica Industrial Development Corporation (JIDC) in 1989, the FCJ's role expanded to include the management of the properties that were under the JIDC's control. In 1988, at the start of our operations, 75% of its tenants were engaged in the garment industry. Towards the end of the 1990s, following the downturn in garment manufacturing, a significant number of tenants began pursuing other manufacturing and commercial activities. Today, we own 174,953 square miles of rentable space, of which 13,199 square miles are earmarked for use in the ICT Industry. However, the expansion of additional space for use in this industry is underway. We are a government agency that has primary responsibility for the development and management of industrial and commercial space in the public sector. We are in the business of leasing and managing industrial, commercial and office spaces to investors. And with 46 industrial sites, we are strategically located in 11 parishes throughout the island. The central locations are in Kingston, St James, St Catherine and St Thomas. Our mission is to satisfy customer needs and enhance national development by providing quality industrial and commercial space profitably. At the FCJ, our vision is to be a financially stable dominant provider of industrial and commercial space, possessing an empowered staff complement that is customer-focused.

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