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Rite-Care Pharmacy

Managing medication is already a complex task, so the staff at Rite-Care Pharmacy aims to take the hassle out of the process. We provide exceptional service and shorter waiting times for our customers as we endeavour to keep a well-stocked pharmacy with prescription medication and over-the-counter drugs, stationery, toys, souvenirs, gift items and a wide range of home care products and medical supplies. We don't only dispense the medication based on the registered prescriptions we educate our customers on the benefits, dosages, and side-effects of their medications. Our team of qualified and registered pharmacists checks every prescription to ensure that the medicine being dispensed is safe to be had with other medications. With the overall health of our customers being paramount, Rite-Care pharmacy places significance on having regular checks and tests done in relation to the pressure and sugar levels of the blood. Early detection of abnormal (elevated) blood pressure and blood sugar levels can help to prevent the customer from later receiving a serious medical diagnosis, as they will be informed of the necessary steps and changes, they will need to make to see to it that these levels are regulated. In seeking to ensure that there is proper protection, regulation, and transportation of blood throughout the body, we offer blood pressure checks, blood sugar tests and we also offer pregnancy tests. The team at Rite-Care Pharmacy appreciates that knowing our way behind the counter is important, but we believe that knowing who is on the other side matters even more. While we cater to everybody, there are special discounts offered to our senior citizen customers. With the high level of service, commitment, and quality that customers expect, our friendly pharmacy staff is ready to help you with your pharmaceutical needs. We delight in making available at your convenience and at affordable prices, the medications needed for you to be healthy and other products and supplies.

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