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LegalForum International Limited

LegalForum International was founded in 1997 by attorney-at-law Charmaine Smith Bonia. Since then the firm has since evolved and has grown into a full-service law firm specialising in United States immigration law and all aspects of Florida and Jamaican law. Charmaine is the managing director of LegalForum International and an attorney-at-law who practices in Jamaica and Florida. She is also a United States immigration law practitioner with offices in Davie, Florida, as well as Kingston and Ocho Rios, Jamaica. Charmaine is a proud member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, the largest network of more than 13,000 lawyers in 70 countries. She has a passion for mediation and is a trained mediator with the Dispute Resolution Foundation of Jamaica and Peacemaker Ministries in the United States. LegalForum International also delivers quality workshops, seminars, and training for legal and banking sectors. Included in the range of unique service areas is its Legal Employee Assistance Program (LEAP). LegalForum International partners work with you to exceed your personal and professional goals. Our Jamaican offices will provide you with in-house property valuations/appraisals and the services of a commissioned land surveyor as well as naturalisation, immigration and visa services.

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