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High Courts & Parish Courts

Jamaica is a country that is governed by the Rule of Law. The Courts form the backbone of the Jamaican Justice System and is the first and only point of contact for many of our citizens. The Justice of the Peace (JP) is a judicial public officer tasked with different duties and function that are performed within the community. The JP also performs judicial functions serving in the Court of Petty Sessions. The JPs duties within the community include the execution of documents for persons who need assistance with common law titles, wills, transfers, oaths, affidavits, and other types of legal documents. The JP also considers applications for bail, witnesses written caution statements at the request of the police and provide counsel and advice to community members along with other duties. An informed public helps in building a strong nation. The Custos of each parish selects and places on Roster the JPs who will serve on the Courts of Petty Sessions. These Courts form an integral part of the judicial system in Jamaica, and their work is geared towards protecting the constitutional right of every Jamaican to equal and due process under the law. As a judicial public officer, the Justice of the Peace has the community and community members' best interest at heart. The Courts operate in accordance with the rule of law, which is vital to any progressive and democratic society.

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