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Dot Personnel Servs (Ja) Ltd

Dot Personnel Services Jamaica Limited has been providing outstanding service to the business community since its inception in 1971. The objective of the company is to satisfy an employer's human resource needs and to assist applicants in securing meaningful employment. Our philosophy is to maintain customer loyalty by repeat business through a process of customer satisfaction. We provide a range of services such as temporary staffing, interim, contract and permanent personnel. Our roster of talent includes management personnel, engineers, technical accountants, administrators, HR specialists, marketing personnel, and administrative assistants. We also have information specialists, data entry operator, secretaries, clerks, receptionists, and customer service representatives. Our team handles all turnover and recruitment costs - no need to pay for flexible lifestyles and population mobility. Clients save during low business periods by using temporary staff on an "as needed" basis. By using Dot Personnel, businesses can save on high overtime costs and still maintain peak production rates. Dot has immediate access to skills our clients require, therefore saving time and money spent on training. We provide temporary staff who can assist your business by doing the work of absent employees or help with extra work. They can also handle specialised jobs and emergencies, stocktaking, updating files, meetings, and conventions among other functions. The most important reason for using Dot Personnel Services - your costs stop when the job ends. For more information on how we can help you, give us a call today!

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