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Jamaica Bedding Co Ltd

Having opened our doors over 10 years ago, Jamaica Bedding Company has evolved as one of the island's leading local manufacturers in the mattress, bedding and home furniture industry. Distributing our products through both in-house sales and external retailers, we produce premium, affordable and durable pieces that promise to make your house into a home. At Jamaica Bedding, our mattresses and home furniture have been designed with comfort, functionality and style in mind. With a keen attention to detail and superior craftsmanship, we ensure that every piece we produce is of the highest quality and possesses all the elements of a great product. Our selection of home furniture ranges from sophisticated sofa sets and lounge chairs to elegant dressers and bedside tables. Offering a combination of polyurethane foam and innerspring constructions within our Supreme line, we stock sleep systems that will give our customers support and pressure relief when they need it, where they need it. As a pioneer within the Jamaican bedding and home furniture industry, we know that exceptional service and the success of a company goes hand in hand. Through our commitment to delivering value over volume, our mission has always been to make mattress shopping as easy and comfortable as getting into bed. That's why our expert sales team goes above and beyond to provide our customers with the insight and guidance to make the best decision when selecting the mattress of their dreams. So come down to Jamaica Bedding and begin your journey to creating a better tomorrow with the sleep you get tonight.

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