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Millwood Industries Ltd

Millwood Industries Ltd. was established in 1997 as a small woodworking shop in the heart of Morant Bay, Jamaica. In a very short time, we managed to fill a void in the mid to high-end kitchen cabinets sector, when news of our custom design kitchens started to spread throughout the island. With woods such as maple, cherry, and oak readily available, and our design team working hand in hand with you, our expert craftsmen are able to fabricate elegant kitchens to last a lifetime. What we feel that what separates us from our competition, is our commitment to quality, and service. It is with this same conviction that we used when we entered into the Upvc window market in the spring of 2001. Not surprising to us, just like our kitchens, news of our quality windows quickly spread, and we can now boast to working with some of the most prestigious architects and designers on the island. It's not often that you run across a seamless mix of aesthetics, engineering workmanship and attention to detail. The Millwood experience is exactly that - a cut above the rest, to satisfy your sophisticated and distinctive style. As evidenced by our quality windows, door, and kitchen. The Millwood experience is truly unique. So with all of this in mind, if you decide to choose any of our products, be it our custom designed kitchens, or quality windows, or perhaps both, you will most definitely be making the right decision.”

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