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St Michael's Funeral Home Ltd

St Michael's Funeral Home is a state of the art death care facility providing funeral directors and embalmers and complete funeral arrangements including coffins, caskets, wreaths, cremations, graves, vaults, headstones, hearse, family car on hire, nine night band, embalming and importation of bodies. 24 hour island wide services are available. provides complete funeral and embalmment service. Carried out with the solemnity that it deserves. We can’t make good your loss, but we make sure that the bereaved get our fullest support during this tragic phase of their lives. Depending upon the deceased’s or the surviving families’ expressed wishes, some of the special services that we offer are: Help in acquiring the death certificate Taking care of cemetery and ministry services Preparing for a cremation service Creating a headstone with special inscription Carrying out other formalities that grieving family may be unable or inexperienced to deal with and for which they might need some professional help You will find that our staff is extremely sensitive to your needs and understands the grief and anxiety that you may be going through during this time of your life. We understand your vulnerability and earnest about sharing some of your responsibilities. Our pre-planned funeral service is designed to look into all the nitty-gritty’s. Above all, without you feeling the need to mention it, we offer very realistic, affordable pricing. Our staff will plan every detail in consultation with the head of the family. Please feel free to call us for a private consultation.

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