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Tech Loan Ltd

The Tech Loan Ltd motto is 'Bringing You Hassle-Free Financing.' We are a member of the Jamaica Micro Finance Association (JAMFA). We are a local microfinance agency that facilitates the ease of caring for those small things in life that makes a big difference. Since 2002, our services have been open to self-employed and employed individuals. We believe in quality service, and our vibrant and friendly staff is committed to providing each client with the highes level of professionalism. With very simple requirements, we have removed the common hassle encountered when applying for a loan and have made the term hassle-free a part of our motto. While operating within a changing economy, we ensure our rates are competitive and repayments are affordable to our customers. With low-interest rates and convenient repayment options, we can help you achieve any short-term goal that will affect your long-term growth. If you have never accessed any of our loan services, take this as an invitation to stop by or give us a call.

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