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NAJ & Health Co-Op Credit Union Ltd

In 1976, a group of nurses thought that if they pooled their resources and formed a cooperative, they would be able to satisfy some of their economic needs. The group's expectation became a reality on August 5, 1976, when NAJ Co-operative Credit Union Limited became a registered entity. The Credit Union was established to promote thrift among its members by affording them an opportunity to accumulate their savings to create a source of credit for provident or productive purposes at a reasonable rate of interest and to provide the opportunity for members to use and control their money for their mutual benefit. On July 1, 2013 the Bond was widened to include, Registered Midwives, Registered Medical Doctors, other Health Care Providers, and their immediate family members, permanent employees of the NAJ and the NAJ and Health Services Co-operative Credit Union, which signals the expansion of our Credit Union. Our new name is now NAJ & Health Services Co-operative Credit Union. The Credit Union continues to be committed to the promotion of thrift among its members as well as the provision of sound financial advice and assistance through a wide range of financial services delivered by a highly efficient and motivated staff that is committed to excellence.

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