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Magna Rewards Ja Ltd

Magna is a card-based loyalty programme that will allow your business to increase sales and profits by providing existing customers with rewards for doing business with you. The scheme will attract new clients and will help you better understand your customers' needs by tracking the purchasing habits of your loyal customers. Magna cards are issued to customers at no cost. Customers can use their Magna cards at a range of participating Partners across different industries. The customers are issued with points, which accumulate in their loyalty account. The customer may then redeem the Magna Points at any participating Magna Partner. This is automatically calculated and issued without any technology or operational burden to your company. Magna will issue to consumers in Jamaica, FREE of charge, a Magna card and loyalty account. As each transaction takes place, the transaction data is logged to the customer's account, and the relative points are automatically calculated and issued without any technology or operational costs to your company. All customer activity is tracked and available at the individual customer level. Customers are further divided into classes, where a customer class may be assigned a different level of points and given different types of promotions. A statement and voucher (or cheque) with points that have been accumulated and aggregated on a cycle basis are sent to customers. The customers may then use these points to purchase goods and services at participating Magna retailers. Customers within the database have their own unique number that corresponds to that on their loyalty cards. Activity may also be segmented at the Partner, or subsidiary level. For more information on the Magna loyalty and reward programmes, visit our website.

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