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Clearsight Ophthalmic Consultants

Clearsight Ophthalmic Consultants places the world clearly before your eyes. We offer specialised eye care and general optical services such as laser scanning, visual screenings, computerized diagnostic evaluation, and more. We also offer special packages and discount specials to a variety of organisations. At Clearsight, we pride ourselves on our extensive selection of frames that cater to every style and budget. We also go to great lengths to ensure that we have trendy frames that represent the best that eyewear technology has to offer. When you come to Clearsight, you're guaranteed a few things: • Our staff will be knowledgeable and friendly. • You'll enjoy a pleasant environment. • You will have a thorough eye examination. • A large selection of frames will be available. • We'll be able to meet your specialty lens needs. Every Visit to Clearsight Includes: • An interactive touchscreen patient interview. • Educational materials and presentations. • A vision screening. • A health screening (blood pressure and blood sugar). • An in-depth eye examination. We are first and foremost, a family. Our attitude to patient care is based on the closeness and warmth of our team, which we bring from our family to yours. Our staff is well-trained, highly educated in eye care, and very friendly. We understand that to offer the gift of clear sight, we all need to be on the same page when it comes to wanting to provide the best of care. Visit us to today and discover the world before your eyes.

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