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Kilopest Ltd Part of Rentokil Initial

Kilopest Ltd is a pesticide operator certified by the Pesticides Control Authority and had been offering pest control services island-wide for 40 years. We exterminate termites, rodents, roaches, ants, wasps, fleas, scorpions, bed bugs, flies, and mosquitoes. Pests do not have a place in your home or office. They make homes and commercial complexes unsafe for humans while posing a threat to property. We utilise integrated pest management strategies to rid your home or workplace of these unwanted insects. We consider all aspects of the interaction between people and pests to find the easiest way to resolve the problem with the lowest overall inconvenience. We are also committed to protecting and maintaining indoor and outdoor air quality and a healthy environment. Kilopest Ltd firmly believes in customer satisfaction and professionalism and offers consultations and onsite inspections free of charge. We provide general pest control services to deal with: • Termites • Rodents • Roaches • Ants • Wasps • Fleas • Scorpions • Bed Bugs • Flies • Mosquitoes

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