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St Joseph's Teachers' College

St. Joseph's Teachers' College (SJTC) is a Catholic institution that has been in existence and contributing to national development through teacher-training for over 119 years. Its early beginnings are grounded in Christian values based on Franciscan tradition through the life and mission of the Franciscan Sisters of Allegany. This background has crafted the fabric and ethos of the college and continues to do so day. Our vision, mission and core values continue to drive our unwavering attitude and hope, despite the many challenges that teacher education faces amidst our various successes. Our academic programmes include Bachelor of Education Programmes, Associate Degree Programmes, B.Ed. with Advanced Standing Programme, Pre-College Programme and Professional Development Courses. Each year, SJTC enhances the teaching profession by adding some of Jamaica's best professionals. In order to achieve such a goal, SJTC reviews and renews its deliverables to remain current and relevant in responding to the needs of our society and the needs beyond our shores. Our goal is to diversify our programme offerings to remain a preferred choice in teacher education. At St. Joseph's Teachers' College, our solid reputation is a key feature in our recruitment process. Many of our prospective teachers sought out the college based on what they read, as well as recommendations from their parents, relatives, friends, and our alumni. If you are considering a career as an educator, St. Joseph's Teachers' College is where you belong. For more information on our offerings, visit our website or give us a call today!

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