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National Police College of Jamaica

Formerly the Police Training School, the institution was renamed the National Police College of Jamaica after relocating in 1982. Today, we continue to stand resolute in our commitment to providing high-quality training as we equip police personnel and civilians with the skills needed to serve in the fields of public safety and security effectively and efficiently. With programmes in tandem with international standards, our team of qualified teachers and highly skilled administrators ensure our recruits receive the best training in the region. By offering courses in both professional and academic studies, our mission is to produce competent leaders and more tactical frontline operatives ready to serve, protect and reassure the people of Jamaica. At the National Police College of Jamaica, we seek to cultivate a learning environment that comprehensively and innovatively addresses the challenges of an ever-changing society. We have employed advanced technological teaching aids that are enhanced by practical and relevant training systems and processes. Contact us today for more information on our courses.

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