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Ruthven Medical Centre

At Ruthven Medical Centre, our goal is to provide you with quality healthcare. The Centre has a full complement of doctors covering most disciplines to attend to your medical needs. Some of our areas of expertise include psychiatry, obstetrics and gynaecology, urology, neurosurgery, paediatrics, haematology/oncology, and physical therapy. Ruthven Medical Centre is within walking distance of many businesses, as well as being a "medical corridor" between several major hospitals. To book an appointment with one of our doctors, give us a call or come see us. Dr. Marc Ricketts Dr. Kevin Daley Dr. Lisa Hoad ObGyn: Dr. Michael Abrahams Paediatrics: Dr. ilana Dickson General Surgeon: Dr. Patrick Bhoorasingh Urologist: Dr. Gareth Reid Paediatric Surgeon: Dr. Simone Dundas-Byles Ear Nose and Throat: Dr. Miguel Brissett Pulmonologist: Dr. Terry Baker Haematologist/Oncologist: Dr. Joye Taylor-Houston Orthopedic Surgery: Dr. Steven Babolal Nephrology/Internal medicine: Dr. Keneil Chrysostom Warts, Lumps, Bumps Specialist: Dr Danswell Welds Physiotherapy: Khrista Fortella Echocardiogram: Bio Medical Laboratory Pharmacy Psychiatry: Dr Christopher Mahfood

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