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Latham Dialysis Centre

The Latham Dialysis Centre believes in providing access to those who need dialysis. We recognise this as a pressing community need and have expanded our capacity to benefit scores of local patients who depend on this life sustaining treatment. We offer in-centre haemodialysis treatment. Our other services include Haemodialysis, onsite fistula placements, doctor consultations, catheter insertion for Haemodialysis (temporary and permanent), and regular check-ups by our Nephrologist. We also offer house lab services. Our dialysis stations in the new center features a clean, spacious look and are designed for maximum patient comfort. Dialysis patients are often seriously ill and have mobility issues, so our drive-up entrance will prove to be a welcome convenience for them. The drive-up patient access is located to the front of the center's covered entryway. The Centre is available to residents, and tourists who need treatment. We provide comfortable amenities for our patients and their families. Our staff is professional, experienced, and ready to provide quality healthcare to our patients. If you are interested in using our new Dialysis Center in Kingston, give us a call today!

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