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Heart Foundation Of Jamaica The

The Heart Foundation of Jamaica was incorporated in 1971 as a voluntary organisation sponsored by the Lions Club of Kingston. Prior to its inception, members of the health and welfare committee of the Club wanted to do something to help heart patients and reduce the high incidence of heart attacks. The Foundation is a member of The World Heart Federation located in Geneva, Switzerland. We are the only independent, registered non-profit, non-governmental organisation that provides both basic and advanced screening for heart disease at a subsidised rate in Jamaica. Our goal is to promote heart health, as such, we offer a wide variety of medical services to ensure you receive the best quality care. The Foundation offers basic tests that include initial screening of the heart and blood work to assess if the patient is at risk for heart disease. Other basic tests include electrocardiogram (ECG), urinalysis, blood pressure check, waist circumference, body mass index and cholesterol profile. Advanced testing is done after the initial screening, when patients are referred by their doctors for further testing. Clinics, counselling, mobile and supermarket screening are also provided. The Foundation carries courses for health professionals and non-medical personnel. Basic life support, ECG Dysrhythmia (basic and advanced), advanced cardiac life support, and paediatric advanced cardiac life support courses are available to health professionals Courses for non-medical personnel include basic life support, family and friends CPR, heart saver CPR and heart saver first aid. For more information on our services, visit our website or give us a call.

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