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Essential Medical Services

Essential Medical Services is an all-in-one medical complex that offers total medical care. We have a complement of general, investigative, clinical supportive and specialist care services for treatment, education, and prevention of most medical ailments. We employ highly qualified and experienced medical professionals who serve in a pleasant, patient friendly atmosphere with the best equipment. The Medical Centre is dedicated to providing the best medical treatments combined with a personal and professional approach. We proactively assist you to maintain and improve your health. The Medical Centre envisions and strives toward excellence on all levels. We are proactive in providing the highest quality care and services for our clients. Prevention before cure every time. Our wellness programmes put you, your family, friends, and your community into special health groups. Examples are diabetes, hypertension, weight loss, pregnancy, and fitness. These groups provide continuous education, guidance and support through community team leaders and clinical mentors. In addition, there are often discounts at the Centre and access to complimentary services such as free materials and drug samples. Furthermore, there are special online wellness and weight control programmes, for continued professional support. Our highest priority is your health and well-being. We provide you, your family, work teams, and organizations with the best healthcare experiences and sustainable comprehensive wellness solutions. We passionately strive to be the standard and your primary choice for personal healthcare services and workplace wellness solutions. Excellence is the assured base standard you can expect from us as we serve you. We are proactively contributing to excellence in healthcare delivery, organisational development and humanity through our ground-breaking research and benchmarking initiatives as well as our daily way of living and professional practice. We look forward to building a healthier relationship with you.

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