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Stationery World & Book Centre Ltd

Stationery World and Book Centre Ltd. is your ideal store for your stationery, office supplies, computer supplies, text books, school supplies, toys and much more. Our track record of fifteen (15) years of serving our dedicated customers has shown us that not only do we understand their needs, but we keep addressing new areas. Customers when ordering can whatsapp, fax, email, call in, pick up or request delivery of their orders and now they may visit our website and order on line. Back to school shoppers we have implemented a “lay away plan”, where customers have an option of making payments on account for book purchase. we have also partnered with a lending agency which allows persons to request a loan to assist with their back to school purchase. Our aim and mission is to make shopping hassle free by offer a one stop shopping experience. We can safely say our knowledge of our products and our ability to source needed items along with our customer service separates us from others. we believe “knowledge is power” not only do we sell to retailers, we also sell to wholesalers. we are an agent for the Jamaica observer, and we also offer designing and printing services. We deliver to businesses, homes, offices and schools (conditions apply) stationery world and book center limited is your one stop store for stationery, office supplies, computer supplies, text books and much more. “We stand small, we dream big and our service is even bigger”

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