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Caribbean Christian Publications Ltd

Caribbean Christian Publications is an agency of the Caribbean Baptist Fellowship (CBF) and a mission partner of the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention, USA. The CBF is a regional fellowship of the Baptist World Alliance. It serves as an umbrella for nearly 30 Baptist Conventions/Unions/Associations operating in 27 countries/islands of the region and totalling 200,000 Baptists. Member churches worship in English, Spanish, French/Creole, or Dutch/Papiamento. The President is Rev. Dr Burchell Taylor of Jamaica. The Executive Secretary-Treasurer is Rev. Peter Pinder, P.O. Box F44367, Freeport, Bahamas. Membership bodies range in size from 50,000 (e.g. Haiti, Bahamas, Jamaica) but most are small associations or conventions of under 1,000 members. The CBF also enjoys a long-standing partnership with the International Mission Board (IMB), Southern Baptist Convention, USA, especially in the literature ministry of Caribbean Christian Publications. The Fellowship works through its Executive, three departments (Women, Men, Youth), three committees (Evangelism, Christian Education, Media Communications) and one agency (CCP) to provide services for all its member bodies. Caribbean Christian Publications produces Sunday school and other church literature in English for Baptist and other evangelical churches in the region. The Communications Committee produces television specials, radio programmes, and video materials on a variety of doctrinal, moral and social issues of relevance to the Caribbean. In 1975, the CBF Editorial Administration Committee adopted the following objectives of literary ministry, which later became the CCP: To provide indigenous, theologically sound Bible study materials, To interpret God's plan of redemption as is recorded in the Bible, To make Biblical truths relevant to the historical, cultural and religious life setting of the region, To encourage Christ

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