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What’s a safe place in the hills to visit?

I’m Jamaican-American and I’d love to visit the hills. We had a really bad experience while visiting Jamaica in the past (our driver tried to lead us to a road block and we almost died). But I still wish that we could visit the hills and relax up there.


I am sorry you had such a bad experience your previous time. I can recommend two locations.

Jay’s Guest House I don’t have any personal interaction with the service but the person who runs the place is a friend so I would have trust in it not being a scam like your last experience. Think he would be able to help organise transport to and from his guest house.

Jah B’s Guest House personal experience with this one so I can say definitely trustworthy, transport should be able to be arranged to and from the guest house. Also offer hiking tours to blue mountain peak.

wanderlust trails JA friends of mine who do hiking tours through the mountains.


Plugging the same place twice in 1 week, but School of Vision has a great trip up there. I think it’s to the Highest point on the island. You can see the whole process here and is one I would do. especially if it’s Ras Buru leading the trip. He’s a clean heart guy, you can just see. I’m jealous to death fi see this myself.

All the suggestions people linked here look life changing though. Come back and let us know how you get on


Our driver took us up to Lover’s Leap, which was amazing. But we hadn’t used the driver we always trust that day. Usually our normal driver warns us always to be back in Montego Bay on the main road by sun down. This one was in no rush.

Then afterward instead of taking us back down to the highway, he kept taking us uphill into more bush. We kept telling him he was going the wrong way, but he wouldn’t interact with us. He kept staying quiet and ignoring us.

He showed up at a road block with about 7-10 men. That’s when I knew he brought us there purposely. I began to cry and my entire family crowded around trying to calm me down. They thought we were going to die too.

The man I suppose felt bad, so he swerved around the rocks and got us out of there. But he kept changing his mind, going in circles as if to bring us back. Finally, he took us home.

At the hotel, we reported the driver and had him banned from the premises.

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