What should I know before my trip to Jamaica?

We're taking a delayed honeymoon since it wasn't in our budget when we got married last year. So, after widdling it down from 7,000 islands to just a few, we decided on Jamaica. It has everything we want to do, including swimming with dolphins, scuba/snorkeling, hiking, off-road jeep tours, etc. So we're looking at RIU Palace Tropical Bay in Negril. It's within our budget, right on the beach, and has everything we would need. Is there any reason we wouldn't want to stay there? Sometimes reviews online can't be trusted. It looks great for the price, but before we commit, I just wanted to double check through you all in case there's something we should know. Also, and more importantly, is Negril a good place to stay to begin with to see the actual culture of Jamaica? From what Inread, it's better than Montego Bay for what we're looking for. Yes, in Negril we'll still be at a resort on the beach. It's obviously a tourist destination, and we do want to relax and be tourists because we're going on our honeymoon. But we also want more than just the beach experience -- we can do that in the U.S. We're interested in the awesome parts of Jamaica you don't see in vacation/honeymoon advertisements. We'd also like to know of any common tourist mistakes or annoyances. We don't want to be assholes when visiting, but we don't know much about hit country. So please, I'm all ears. Also, if you all just don't want any American tourists at all, and if you hate us all before we even arrive, I'd like to know that, too. I get it and understand. Americans suck sometimes. Anyway, I'm at work and typed this quickly, so I didn't get all of my thoughts out. But please, tell me anything that comes to your mind that you think a visitor should know. Planning a trip to a country you've never been to is realky difficult without the help from those who have. So we greatly appreciate any info you're willing to provide. Thank you all im advance!

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If you are really intent on staying at an all-inclusive hotel in Negril, maybe you would get more of Jamaica’s vibe at a smaller one. For example, Sunset at the Palms in Negril. You can usually get a good discount through online travel agents/apps like Hotwire.

Note: I don’t have any affiliation with any hotel, airline, etc.

The big all-inclusive hotels always feel like going to Mcdonald’s or Taco Bell to me: cookie cutter. Only the beach names change from country to county.


You should consider two spots. Perhaps do a week in the Treasure Beach area and then a week in Negril. Since you are looking at all inclusive I feel like you may want to not worry about too many things so Negril is a good option. Treasure Beach is different and lovely. Portland Parish is glorious but much more difficult and rough. I agree with Korax that Winnefred Beach is wonderful, it’s just 180 degrees opposite of Negril all-inclusive. Be very aware of that. Also, a car in Portland is almost a requirement. You can do without in Negril.

Good luck and safe travels.


Most Tourists I met were disappointed when they spent most of their time in Negril and just a couple of nights at Treasure Beach. Treasure Beach is the real experience - laid back, not many tourists and great nature. Make sure to plan a trip to YS Falls.


If you want to see more of jamaica than typical tourist stuff, I would advice going to portland parish. That’s a laid back place with lots of rastas living there and it has the lowest murder rates of all parishes.

You can stay in port antonio at rev’s garden house, a decent rastaman who can give you additional advice where to go and what to do in jamaica. His name is ellery. If you ever book a room (which costs like 18-20 bucks a night) tell him koray has sent you there he will take good care of you. And pet his puppy dog for me.

you can also go to fairy hill (also in portland) There is a rastaman names “Rass” and he runs some sort of mystical museum house with a big and creative garden. There is a room complete black walls and blue light a couple of cozy beds. The other rooms I haven’t checked out, also you can sleep outside there. It is located between 2 beautiful beaches, winnifred and boston beach complex. You can find that place when you ask locals about “rass rode’s house it is next to a supermarket.

For having some forrest experience you can take a route taxi from fairy hill to sharewood forrest. There is a young beach boy who works in winnifred beach names raymond. He has a small house in the middle of the woods and his brother can guide you to some secret places for like 1k jamaicans.

From all the places I suggested the fairy hill place (at Rass) is the best for honeymoon stuff.


Oh, before I forget get the airbnb app to get in contact with the hosts and don’t just go up there without a backup plan. You can go to port antonio and fairy hill without a problem but sharewood forrest is a bit more complicated.


Stayed at Riu Tropical Bay in 2017. The entertainment staff were fabulous and made a good vacation great. Im not usually a fan of big all inclusives but had a memorable time. Negril itself is really a small town and i found it a bit run down, lots of half-built places and the like. Not much by way of attractions. But it has a chill beach vibe.


First thing I always say is to bring mosquito repellent, you’re gonna need it.

Negril and Riu are great choices imo it’s a tourist hotspot so you gonna get a lot of ‘touristy’ experiences but it’s still really good. I see other peeps suggesting Portland which is very scenic and cultural but neglected to mention it’s on the other side of the island from Donald Sangster Airport.

If you are working with a budget your current plans sound great and without a doubt will have fun.
Enjoy your honeymoon!


Negril is amazing! We spent 2 weeks there for a friends wedding in 2019 and had a wonderful time. Samsara resort was where we stayed. One week at each of the sites because one is on the 7mile beach so you can party it up and the sister resort is a bit father down the island and is more secluded for a more decompressed experience. I enjoyed every minute of my time there.


Hey,good day. My dad has been a tour driver/tour guide for about 5 years now. He’s based in Montego Bay but he’s been all over Jamaica. Feel free to email him at triplectoursja@gmail.com to ask any questions about where to go, transportation and prices. He would be more than happy to help you guys.


We always stay at Kuyaba when we go to Negril, it is not an all inclusive but they have a restaurant on site that serves delicious food. The prices are reasonable and it’s right by the beach. There is a restaurant near by that has nightly entertainment , (bourbon beach) ( although I haven’t been back post COVID so not sure if any of that has changed )

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