#music · 1 year ago

What is your opinion of American reggae music?

I wonder because we see Jamaican artists come to America but American reggae acts don't play in Jamaica. What do you think?


Groundation, The Expanders, Slightly Stoopid, The Green, Mike Love…etc its a long list.

I thought that it would help Jamaica if the US and Jamaican artists came together to promote reggae music. I can’t stand SOJA.Worst band ever.


In all honesty I don’t see that happening…as they are not Jamaican I do not think they would be widely accepted & more looked at like “culture vultures” even if their heart is within the the culture & music. Shit they can even make great music the vast majority of J’cans will not mess with it lol. You have your select few non-J’can (typically not American either) reggae artists that are always welcome to JA ex. Collie Buddz, Gentleman, Alborosie etc. Even in sound system culture JA welcomes the outsider but I feel that’s only bc they are playing dancehall/reggae music. Just my take.