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Tips for a trip!

Hey y’all, looking to travel to Jamaica in Oct to surprise my partner for his bday. Also traveling is fun 😛 I would love to backpack around to save money but also get a feel for the place…rather than a resort or something. But I’m unsure where to start! Love to hear any recs on locations, how to travel around (taxis, trains, buses, etc) and any lovely spots, as well as any other advice folks have! I’m a White female and he’s a black male in our late 20s for reference.


We don’t have Trains. Have the currency of where you’re from exchanged at a bank or Cambio. Your fare should never cost more than $500-$1000 JMD if you’re travelling long distance. Short distances it’s normally $150 JMD.

As with any country and tourist if you’re an outside there will be different prices for you but I’m sure your partner will ensure you’re ok.

Taxis are generally represented with the taxi stripe. Buses are a bit more difficult but they generally have a Red liscense plate.

Places to visit.

Dunn’s RiverMystic MountainDolphin CoveBlue Hole

Marley BeachCastle GardensTapioca Village, These 3 are in Neighboring St. Mary

I’m an introvert so ion go out much but those are cool places I’ve been.

These are all located in and around Ocho Rios.


If u can drive you can rent a car. Jamaica is challenging but not impossible the roads are pretty crappy but u just take ur time n learn the road. I did it u can do it. I don’t like buses in Jamaica the drivers are to reckless to many accidents I trust myself behind the wheel. If u don’t want to drive pick one area n just stay there for ur first trip n learn that area n just enjoy. U don’t have to explore the whole island ur first Trip. I love Portland it’s stunningly beautiful but it’s more sleepy then places like Negril there’s more night life n tourist vibes on the west side so for your first time you may want to be over there just depends what kinda vibe your going for. How long will you stay? Also I don’t recommend “backpacking around” but that’s just me personally. People do it it’s just not my style. There’s lots of options that aren’t resorts u just gotta decide which area u want to start


Staying out of big cities and resort towns will save you money and be more backpacker style. I try to find rooms/guest house situations with a kitchen at best and a fridge at the very least so I can keep some little bit of groceries on hand and not have to leave the house every time I want to eat.

Easy Knutsford bus ride from Kingston to Portland Parish where all is lovely, green & jungly down to the beaches, morning sun, hide in the afternoon shade. Several nice, unpretentious beaches, jerk center and restaurants between Port Antonio and Long Bay. Go further to Manchioneal and get fish & conch and soup from the lady with roadside cook shop on your way to or from Reach Falls.

On the opposite side of the island Treasure Beach is dry and deserty with the wide sea in front of you. Small places to stay at varying prices, low key vibes, small grocery stores, some restaurants & cafes. Ask about the Ital food restaurant in the nearby shopping center. TB is not hard to get to from MoBay or K’ton. Not a ton of “nightlife” but there’ll be adverts for parties and events on poles and certain places that have djs and bands on occasion.