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The Best Pasta Restaurants in Kingston, Jamaica

The Best Pasta Restaurants in Kingston, Jamaica photo jamaica

Pasta is a delicious and filling meal, and can has a large range of variations, from the popular Fettuccine Alfredo, Spaghetti Bolognaise, and Lasagne. Pasta can include meats like shrimp, pork, and chicken, or could be vegetarian and be made out of vegetables. No matter the wya they are prepared, they are great to have.We have curated a list of the best pasta restaurants in Kingston Jamaica.

Chez Maria Restaurant

Chez Maria is not a restaurant to forget. The restaurant has Mediterranean and Lebanese cuisine on its menu. They are a family-owned business who has been serving Kingston, Jamaica for the past 17 years. The restaurant is said to have exemplary staff with good conversational skills, service and quality. Clean, organized and a good type of vibe with the movie being played. The paintings along with the lighting created a unique feeling like it was a type of Italian restaurant. Their Falafel is cooked to perfection. The coffee infused cake was also a customer favorite. Their menu consists of Mediterranean salads, shrimp fettuccine, Alfredo pasta, and French fries glazed in delicious sauces. If you want a more European taste, visit Chez Maria.

Contact Info:

Address: Shop 20, 24-28 Barbican Rd, Kingston, Jamaica

Number: +18764303822



Cellar8, is a wine & cocktail specialized restaurant located in Kingston Jamaica. If you are looking for a wide selection of wines and carefully crafted cocktails, they have it. They offer Handmade Pizza that serves up 12 inches of Sauteéd Onions, Bell Peppers, Tomatoes, and Spinach, topped with Mozarella. The restaurant offers vegetarian options that are not limited to just salads. The restaurant scenery and decor is a comfy atmosphere with dimmed over-head lights, which gives it a relaxed mood.

Cellar8 has delicious food but is a bit on the pricey side of Kingston eats. We highly recommend the Crab Dip - AMAZING. Yet to have a bad meal there. The pasta, wings, sliders, pizza and fish tacos are all tasty. Their bartenders are absolutely lovely. You can reserve their upstairs dining area for a more homey vibe with a larger group, complete with couches and low tables instead of the standard dining furniture found downstairs.

Contact Info:

Address: Shop 10 Upper Manor Park Plaza, Kingston, Jamaica

Number: +18766482573


Fromage Bistro

The restaurant has Great service with a gourmet twist on simple foods. Primarily sandwiches, pastas, soups and salads. A bit pricey but interesting food with eye catching presentation.The dessert selection is small but EXCELLENT! Even if you don't make it for a meal, try this as an after meal dessert and coffee stop. You will not be disappointed.

The food was hot and the serving size was a lot. The food was well seasoned and the presentation was top notch. The customer service is exceptional at the Fromage Bistro, many customers praising how they felt cared and attended to. If you are looking for a chic and French theme to dine at, reserve at the Fromage Bistro.

Contact Info:

Address: 8 Hillcrest Ave, Kingston, Jamaica

Number: +18766229856


Chef Dave Paul

If you are looking for gourmet style cooking, Chef Dave Paul is there for you. At his own place, he offers delicious shrimp pasta, along with curried goat pasta. He also can do catering for any events like weddings, parties, clubs, and events.

Contact Info:

Address: 111b Molynes Rd, Kingston, Jamaica

Number: +18764335904


Cafe Hibiscus

Cafe Hibiscus is committed to local produce and bringing flavours with passion, expect their meals that are just like home and full of natural ingredients. The restaurant wants to bring the centuries old flavours back to life, they never fail and stay grounded!

Contact Info:

Address: 24 E Kings House Rd, Kingston, Jamaica

Number: +18764628505


Asia's Cafe

Asia's Cafe is inside the York Pharmacy in Half Way Tree. York is open 24 hours every day and Asia's Cafe is open 24 hours every day as well. The cafe has a wide variety of food. They have everything from the regular Jamaican favourites such as fried chicken, curry goat and oxtail to chicken wraps, escoveitch fish wraps, chicken salads, tuna salads, soups, roti, sandwiches, pasta, quesadillas and a lot more. They also have lots of really great pastries, smoothies, juices and other beverages. The staff is nice and friendly, the decor is good and its always clean. Asia's cafe has two drawbacks however. Firstly, it is tiny. This was where the pharmacy had its collection of greeting cards in the past. It can only seat about 12 persons. Secondly, the service is painfully slow if you want food done to order like burgers during what I call "off-peak" hours like from 2 am to 5 am. Asia's Cafe is one of my favourite places to eat and chill in HWT. Plus its inside the pharmacy and there's also a nice secure Multilink ATM and a remittance agency inside the pharmacy. Its a big reason why York Pharmacy is a one stop shop.

Contact Info:

Address: 2662+2X6, Kingston, Jamaica

Number: +18767543707


Pizza Please

Pizza Please was established in 2015 as the first Italian-Jamaican pizza shop to sell ready pizzas by the slice, using a concept originated in Rome in the 1980s and adapted to the local cuisine.
Over time, Pizza Please has built a reputation for its unique flavors, the wide variety of pizza toppings, and the distinctive combinations of Jamaican recipes fused with the pan pizza Italian tradition. Our menu, which is a reflection of the Italian-Jamaican spirit of the company, includes scrumptious pasta, salads, panini, and side orders.

Contact Info:

Address: Shop #3 Village Plaza, 24 Constant Spring Rd, Kingston, Jamaica

Number: +18768527510