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The Best Japanese Restaurants in Kingston, Jamaica

The Best Japanese Restaurants in Kingston, Jamaica photo jamaica

Looking for a taste of Japan? We have the listed the best Japanese restaurants in Kingston, Jamaica. Dive into popular Japanese foods such as sushi and onigiri rice balls. Find original handmade ramen noodles in Kingston that will have your tastebuds raving. Looking from some Sashimi in Jamaica? These Japanese restaurants have you covered. Japan is known for a many things— from cutting-edge technology, manga, beautiful landscapes, a long history reflected in the temples, to shrines and castles—but one thing that stands out is it’s diverse and “umai”—delicious— food. The Japanese diet contains many of the points that make a healthy diet. It relies less on red meat than a typical Western diet, and focuses on more pescatarian and vegetable based food. It contains fermented foods that are benficial for digestive health, through vegetables like pickles such as Nukazuke.

Sora Japanese Sky Cuisine

SORA Japanese Sky Cuisine is a restaurant located in Kingston, Jamaica. We have various types of Japanese food and a nice bar on our rooftop terrace.

Address: Kingston 24-28, 6 Barbican Rd, Kingston, Jamaica

Little Tokyo

Little Tokyo is well known for its big taste and even bigger servings. This Asian eatery is a quick service restaurant offering up daily lunch specials from its extensive menu.

East Next Door

About East Japanese Next Door is New style music bar Lounge. Japanese food also we serve from east Japanese restaurant.

Address: Marketplace, 67, Constant Spring Rd, Kingston, Jamaica

Koi Sushi Bar

Japanese sushi restaurant. Awesome, awesome experience here! They made my day, the service was excellent and the food was much more than I expected! 5 stars are too little to express my rating for this place!

Address: 8 Hillcrest Ave, Kingston, Jamaica

Phone: +18766495096

Sakura Express

Full of flavors! Literally. Always fresh, never disappointed. The only flaw I get is the Congested amount of customers, but that's not really a Flaw when you have so many people flocking your establishment. The demand for their food is an Always! I would personally recommend people to come to this restaurant. It would be good also for a date night.

Address: 8 Constant Spring Rd, Kingston, Jamaica

Phone: +18768211475

Oceano Jamaica

Located in the heart of Kingston, Oceano is an experience aiming to transport diners on a culinary journey to the shores of Japan, while creating a visionary expression of flavorful Japanese cuisine.

The sushi is exquisite! The atmosphere is really nice and relaxing and overall great customer service! I have been there many times since my first experience and I would implore other to go.

Address: Marketplace, 67, Constant Spring Rd, Kingston, Jamaica

Phone: +18766656512

Website: http://oceanojamaica.com/

Majestic Japanese Restaurant

Absolute I love with this restaurant, at a serene location not crowded, the atmosphere within the restaurant is soothing I mean very relaxing, staff is amazing and super helpful. The food on the other hand exquisite Japanese cuisine I mean mouth watering, from presentation to taste it’s worth it.

Address: 36C2+F72, Stony Hill, Jamaica

Phone: +18765641334

Annex East Japanese

Absolute delight! We ordered a range of sushi and rolls and were amazed by their freshness and tenderness, making them melt when eaten. The service is superb, the atmosphere is very special, and as a bonus - can watch food to be cooked, which is a form of entertainment in itself. If you are looking for excellent Japanese cuisine, this place is certainly greatly recommended!

Address: https://goo.gl/maps/MeavzDTuPnnsHgPY9

Phone: +18764810990

Northside Kitchen

We serve Kingston’s finest Chinese & Japanese cuisine with exciting dishes and unique ambiance. Our Chinese and Japanese Chefs cook authentic meals from a variety of regions. Whether you’re in the mood for Japan, Sichuan, Hunan, Shanghai, Beijing or Cantonese style, you will find it here. Our authentic menu and atmosphere create a truly enjoyable dining experience.

We will greet you with a warm welcome, whether you are a regular patron or dining for the first time. We have created a comfortable, clean dining area to your meal with us is the most pleasant. Come and experience the most modern, relaxing Chinese and Japanese restaurant in Jamaica.

Address: 18, 6 Northside Dr, Kingston, Jamaica

Phone: +18766679762

Website: https://www.northsidekitchenja.com/