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The 10 Best Therapists in Jamaica

The 10 Best Therapists in Jamaica photo jamaica

It can be a real struggle to deal with certain mental, psychological or emotional issues that deeply affect your everyday life. Sometimes you just need a break or just someone to listen, well here we have a list of the best therapists in Kingston Jamaica for all your psychological and emotional needs. 

Associate Counselling Psychologist- Camille Campbell 

From the Caribbean Graduate school of Theology, Camille Campbell is trained in the area of Child and Adolescent Therapy but not limited to that area. She works with families challenged by mental disorders such as oppositional defiant disorder, conduct disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, anxiety and depression. This associate counselling psychologist operates from Kingston Jamaica and works hard to satisfy the needs of her clients. 

Contact Information:

Number: 8769788535/ 8764990574

Location: 17 Ripon Road Kingston 



 Centred is a therapeutic practice in Kingston supporting clients such as teenagers to adults with social, emotional and behavioral difficulties. They offer psychological interventions for young people, adults and their families, Centred provide client support with various concerns including self esteem , eating concerns, substance abuse, family difficulties, difficulty with transitions, relationship issues, social anxieties, unexpected pregnancy and identity issues. Come and let them work with you through your challenging times. 

Contact Information:

Number: 8762818601

28 Monroe Rd Kingston 


Family Life Ministries 

If you are looking for a non-denominational, Bible-based organization in Kingston that provides counselling service, then check out family life ministries. They operate with the purpose of developing and providing a range of ministries related to all aspects of family life. Family Life Ministries have a wonderful staff, professional services and highly qualified counselors. Get in touch with them or visit their website at www.familylifeministriesjamaica.com

Contact Information:

Number: 8769268101/8769294360

Location: 1 Cecelio Avenue Kingston 


The Mico Youth Counselling Centre

The Mico Youth Counselling Centre offers specialized Counselling to in school youths suffering from behavioral and emotional problems. Located in Kingston and St Andrew, the center has been providing Counselling and remedial services to children, adolescents and their families from several parishes across the island. The main users of their services are referred students from schools in the corporate area, who reside in female headed households. Pay them a visit today. 

Contact Information:

Number: 8769601282

Location: 2A Manhattan Rd Kingston 


Dr Rachel Chung

Are you in need of a qualified psychiatrist in Kingston? Do you believe you or a member of your family has an undiagnosed mental disorder? Contact Dr Rachel Chung who is a highly trained psychiatrist with over 10 years clinical experience in the field of diagnosis and treatment of mental health conditions. Her services include the treatment of all mental disorders in adolescents, adults and the elderly. You can also receive rapid drug testing at her facility. Dr Rachel Chung promotes a healthy mind and a healthy life. 

Contact Information:

Number: 8765527201

Location: PCAL Professional Suites, 67 Old Hope Rd Kingston 


Caribbean Center for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy 

Caribbean Center for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in Kingston Jamaica provides Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for adults struggling with issues such as anxiety. Whether you are wrestling with panic, social anxiety, excessive worry, trauma, obsessive compulsive disorder, personality and interpersonal problems, it is extremely important that you are aware that this is a journey you don’t need to walk alone. At the Caribbean Center for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy you can expect to meet with experienced individuals that will assist you in achieving your goals, overcoming various struggles and living a more fulfilling or meaningful life. 

Contact Information:

Number: 8763339555

Location: 17 Ripon Rd Kingston 


Caribbean Tots to Teens

Located on the church compound of Saints Peter and Paul in Kingston, lies the Caribbean Tots to Teens wellness center. They offer medical and allied health services for children, teens as well as young adults. Caribbean Tots to Teens is committed to fostering strong minds and healthy bodies for a solid foundation. Their well-trained and highly skilled clinical team of clinical counselling psychologists, clinical social workers and mental health counsellors ensure that your child or teenager receives the help they need. Visit their website at caribtots2teens.com to schedule a free discovery call. 

Contact Information:

Number: 8764990574

Location: 120 Old Hope Rd Kingston 


ROMI Counselling Center 

Are you tired of being anxious, sad and having feelings that your life isn’t going in the right direction? Are you struggling with worry, panic, sadness and rumination? Connect with ROMI Counselling Center in Kingston today. They offer counselling services and is proficient in mental health care. These services are available to individuals, families, couples and marginalized groups. 

Contact Information:

Number: 8767540500/ 8767540501

Location: 41 Hagley Park Rd Kingston 



IATTAR-C Ltd is a holistic human services treatment provider that operates in Kingston, Montego Bay, Ocho Rios and the Caribbean. Their lead clinician is a clinical psychologist with over 2 decades of world class experience as a mental health clinician and as a drugs and substance abuse counselor. They are also certified as a Mental Health Integrative Medicine Provider. At IATTAR-C Ltd, the clinicians will continuously work with you and your healthcare provider to develop a complementary and integrated treatment approach that gets to the root of psychological and behavioral dysfunction. Visit today for a treatment that goes beyond psychiatry. 

Contact Information:

Number: 8765059300/8767989484

Location: Sure Time Medical Centre, 10 Trafalgar Rd Kingston 


Psychological Service Centre Ltd

Have you tried to solve the problems in your life on your own and realized you need help from someone else? Does it feel like you will lose control, fail or never feel normal and happy? If you answered yes to these questions then the Psychological Service Centre Ltd is the right choice for you. They have qualified psychologists that specialize in mental health care. For all your psychotherapy and psychology needs the Psychological Service Centre Ltd has got you covered. 

Contact Information:

Number: 8769279485

Location: 82 Sandhurst Crescent Kingston