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The 10 Most Authentic Chinese Restaurants in Kingston, Jamaica

The 10 Most Authentic Chinese Restaurants in Kingston, Jamaica photo jamaica

Chinese cuisine is a rich traditional cuisine that brings joy and happiness to people. If you ever want to try the best Chinese cuisines in Kingston Jamaica then enjoy the list we have provided below. 

China Express 

China Express is one of the best Chinese restaurants that is located in Kingston, Jamaica. As the name suggests ‘express’, you can be sure that you will receive your food in a timely manner. The food at China Express has brilliant colors that go well with your Snapchat filters. Show off your enticing food to the world while China Express delivers a remarkable experience to your sense. 

Contact Information:

Number: 8763720533

Location: 67 Constant Spring Rd Kingston 


Jade Garden Restaurant 

Come and enjoy extraordinary cuisine at Jade Garden Restaurant. This classic establishment offers the taste of the best Dim Sum in Kingston as they specialize in Cantonese cuisine. The products provided at Jade Garden Restaurant not only includes Dim Sum but also other products and services such as lunchbox specials as well as A-la-Carte style Chinese cuisine. 

Contact Information:

Number: 8769783476

Location: Shop 54-59 Sovereign Centre, 106 Hope Rd, Kingston 


New Imperial Court Restaurant 

Want to dine in, order to take away or just stay in the comfort of your home and have your Chinese food delivered? No need to look any further because New Imperial Court is here for all these needs. Located in Hi-Lo Food Stores in Kingston, this elegant restaurant offers exquisite ambiance. Some of their specials include mallah chicken, chicken oyster, sweet and sour pork, pork chop suey, peppered steak, fried rice and chow mein. 

Contact Information:

Number: 8769771087

Location: 119 Old Hope Rd Kingston 


Tropical Chinese Cuisine 

If you are in Kingston and you are looking for quality and above average service, take a trip to Tropical Chinese Cuisine restaurant. The service is great but the food is even greater. At Tropical Chinese Cuisine restaurant you can be comfortable dining indoor or you can benefit from heated outdoor seating. Check them out today. 

Contact Information:

Number: 8769410520

Location: 13 Constant Spring Rd Kingston 


Golden Bowl Restaurant 

Golden Bowl restaurant serves one of the best authentic Chinese cuisines in Kingston, Jamaica. This superb restaurant has the most reasonable prices around town. Golden Bowl restaurant presents an environment that is both adult and child friendly. Utilize their state of the art interior to take awesome photos while benefiting from their large menu with various healthy options. 

Contact Information:

Number: 8769601030

Location: 7 Cargill Ave Kingston 


Taurus Garden Restaurant 

Are you in need of a family style restaurant in Kingston that provides genuine Chinese cuisine? Well we have found one of the best spots that will definitely suit you. Located at Barbican Rd Sovereign North lies Taurus Garden restaurant. They serve as a great stop romantic lunches for you and your significant other or a fun filled evening family dinner. 

Contact Information:

Number: 8769272028/8766315121

Location: 29 Barbican Road, Sovereign North, Kingston 


Dragon Court Restaurant 

The Dragon Court restaurant make its customers feel as if they have traveled to China. From the structure of the building down to the fantastic food being prepared, Dragon Court restaurant is the epitome of China in Kingston. Dining options include eat in, customer collection and restaurant delivery. They also cater to various social functions and special occasions. Message them on Facebook at Dragon Court Restaurant or on Instagram @dragoncourtja. 

Contact Information:

Number: 8769208506

Location: Dragon Centre, 6 South Ave Kingston 


Canton Restaurant 

Ever heard Kingstonians boasting about the best crispy pork on Constant Spring Rd Kingston? If you haven’t then rest assured because we have located the source of this crispness everyone is raving about. It is the Canton restaurant where you can find not only crispy pork but also suey menu and mutton with lime. Sounds amazing right? Go and check them out today. 

Contact Information:

Number: 8769254201

Location: 10 Constant Spring Rd Kingston 


Tsang Fast Food Restaurant 

Tsang Fast Food Restaurant is one of the leading Chinese restaurants in Kingston that has been around for quite some time now. They have a clean, healthy environment in which you can pleasantly enjoy your delicious meal. Prices are very reasonable so you don’t need to worry about overspending on expensive meals. Tsang Fast Food restaurant invites you to try their amazing cuisine such as their garlic chicken and chicken steak. Accept their invitation today. 

Contact Information:

Number: 8769683389

Location: 30 Burlington Ave, Kingston 


Golden Gate Restaurant 

Are you one of those careful spenders that love to taste food before you purchase it? No worries, come and take advantage of Golden Gate Restaurant tasting menus. And when you have decided on what you want, go ahead and enjoy fine dining in a romantic atmosphere. You will be pleased by the exceptional customer service being offered by the kind and friendly staff. Visit this Asian fusion restaurant and bask in all they have to offer. 

Contact Information:

Number: 8769777552

Location: 14 North Side Drive , Northside Plaza Kingston