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Short rental in Kingston

Hi everyone, Im planning to stay in Kingston for 2 months in November and December. I usually stay at my wife's, she lives by Waltham, but this time I was looking to rent a place since her home is kinda small and part of her family lives theres. I came across delirious prices on different websites, like 150 Us a night. Would anyone have any tips on how to find an affordable short rental for 2 months ? Although my wife is a local she doesnt have a clue where to look...


I would recommend just getting a real estate agent by contacting any of the real estate companies. I’m sure they will be able to navigate finding a landlord that is open to a short term rental.

There is a growing incidence of scamming with real estate rentals. I’m not sure about the other parishes but this is happening in Kingston for sure based on personal experience. It’s being heightened by the high demand, which has created a norm of landlords requesting deposits (and first month payments sometimes) even before leases have been signed. In the instances where it’s a scam, you immediately lose your deposit and all contact with the so called “landlord”.

One of the listings I considered when I was looking for a rental was even listed on airbnb by a scammer. So if you do try with Airbnb, do some due diligence to make sure it’s legit eg stick to older listings, lots of reviews…

Realtors are required to verify ownership, among other things, before listing a property. So there’s a lot more assurance there that you won’t be a victim of a scam.


There are still some good places on Airbnb. I think you can put the daily budget or so you have in mind, location and those will pop up. Read the reviews, etc. and ask questions if not sure. You can also try the Classifieds or Gleaner Rentals.


One of the reasons they retired was Air BnB harassing them about either raising or lowering their rates with no apparent rhyme or reason for it.

They did rent outside of the sites, especially for long term. It might be worth trying to find something and them contacting the host directly to inquire about long term rates.