#imports · 1 year ago

Recieving Items from Abroad.

I have aunt in St. Petersburg Florida that wants to send me a couple school bags and some Crocs. I live in Montego bay. Anyone know any shipping companies I get in touch with to have it done?


The barrel is just the term and physical form of the “box” you place your items in. I’ve used them to ship stuff from Canada to Jamaica over the years and it’s popular within the Jamaican community in Canada. And my friends in Mobay receive goods via barrels from the US fairly often. Your aunt could even split a barrel with someone if she’s not sending much.

I received a FedEx package from Jamaica out here in Asia just last year, so there’s at least one Jamaican that uses Fedex. And yes, that’s exactly what I meant by pricier, hence the suggestion to use barrels instead.




There’s a new app called Bamigbe where people who are travelling a route can take items on your behalf, and for apparently much less than normal shipping. I’ve not tried it yet but thought it might be a good option